Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some crafty minxes

Headed up to my local, local shops on Greville Road in Rosanna today.  I pretty much know most of the shopkeepers by name - besides the fantastic Banyule Fish and Chippery (which I've mentioned before) - there are two doctors, Bien cafe and grocery store, a milk bar, Woolybutt wool shop, a cake shop, a bakery, Wendy's music, a chemist, a newsagency and a hairdresser.  I do miss the organic butcher who moved out the Christmas before last.

Anyway, I picked up some echinacea from the chemist (I am feeling a bit run down and don't want to get sick before my trip overseas!) and took the boys for a babycino at Bien cafe.  Love the owners there - Gina and her parents Helen and Nick - think they have a soft spot for the boys too.
And I spied the Tuesday knitting club - some very clever, crafty ladies who meet at the cafe every week including one of the mums from playgroup and Teresa Bennett - a local textile artist who sells her gorgeous knitwear at the Ivanhoe Makers Market.  She was knitting handspun mink and yak wool which was to die for.  Nan is also a knitter who regularly buys her wool at Woolybutt and I am forever in awe of people who are talented, creative and resourceful - crafting is a lost art that is undergoing a new resurgence in popularity - it's great to see.

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