Friday, June 3, 2011

Local profile - Lisa Foley

If you live in Rosanna, you may have already seen some of Lisa Foley's mural artwork on the carpark wall near the post office as part of the Rosanna Village Art Trail.  In fact, Lisa's currently doing more artwork at the Maternal and Child Health Centres in Rosanna and Viewbank.  She's also a talented creative writer.

The artist at work
Name: Lisa Foley
Occupation: Artist/Writer
Lives: North east Melbourne

Describe yourself/what you do:
I am a mural artist and traditional artist very much inspired by colour. I have been painting murals locally for the past 4 years and traditional art since childhood. Most of the murals are painted outside on walls etc. Painting out in the elements on concrete and metal is vastly different to painting on canvas inside a warm room. Many days I curse the weather but nothing quite inspires like an endless sky above and a breeze that whispers stories you never hear in a cushy studio.
Best thing(s) about living/working in Melbourne's north-east: As an artist, it is inspiring to live and work in an area famous for its artistic heritage. It is also a physically beautiful area with a magical blend of town and country.

To contact Lisa please email Miss Rosanna -

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