Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hong Kong Express

Stephanie and Miss Rosanna - Hutong dinner
Well Mr Rosanna and I are safely back in Rosanna - arrived back home seriously jet-lagged yesterday morning and he's unfortunately come down with a bug today and still in bed.  We also lost half a day (and our lunch at Lung King Heen!) after our flight was cancelled (long story but we missed the 10 minute window to safely board our plane with the volcanic ash due to one passenger which meant 400 very unhappy people had to get off the plane and go home instead).  Luckily we flew out the very next morning.

Nonetheless - we had a fantastic time away even if it all feels a little surreal today.  Given all we managed to do, it was like being on 'Race around Hong Kong' - on steroids.  I'll post our pics later this week as Mr Rosanna had his digital SLR with him and took some great shots.  There were a lot of highlights (and some lowlights as well) - too many to mention in this post suffice to say it's definitely a place worth visiting in your lifetime although I wouldn't go with really young kids.

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  1. Glad that both you got home safely! Hope the kids love their gifts!