Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The great outdoors

Metroscope outdoor setting
I went out to a party on Saturday night which was held at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre.  It's a great venue if you are looking for somewhere to hold a special do of some kind.  There's car parking across the road, a huge dance floor/stage area plus a more intimate cafe room with fireplace and kitchen.  They do kick you out early though - think there is an 11pm curfew.

I stopped in briefly at The Greenery garden centre that afternoon to pick up an orchid plant as a present.  It is a little on the ex-y side but it is one of my favourite nurseries.  I've been to Bulleen Art & Garden too before which is a bit more hippy.  Mr R likes them because they have free trailer hire, their own trucks which will deliver to you and they are a bit cheaper. 

Before we even moved to our place in Rosanna, Mr R decided he wanted some kick ass outdoor furniture and BBQ so we spent a small fortune at Ray's Outdoors in Preston on a Jensen Jarrah setting and Beefeater barbeque which is his pride and joy.  Jarrah is lovely but I didn't realise it needs to be stained every year!  Between that and the time I may go a tiled setting instead.  I'd love to get a Morrocan table from Metroscope and there is also a great shop called Ellis Outdoor on Whitehorse Road in Balwyn which sells beautiful outdoor settings - more on plants and nurseries tomorrow.

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