Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A fragrant harbour awaits...

Mr & Miss R - Hoi An, Vietnam
Mr Rosanna and I last went overseas 7 years ago on our honeymoon in Vietnam.  While we had a great time trekking north to south over a month, it wasn't the most relaxing of choices.  We seem to be making a habit of choosing excitement over calm.  My birthday is looming next month and I made the decision a little while ago to go to Hong Kong in lieu of a party.  I think anyone with young kids knows what a hard slog it can sometimes be so this is one long awaited, much anticipated holiday of 5 days away from the kids - a second honeymoon of sorts.  And unlike Vietnam where we had nothing booked until we got there, I've planned this trip like a military operation to maximise our time there (volcanic ash go away).
Sapa, Vietnam
When I first went to Hong Kong I was in my twenties travelling with one of my best friends, Celestina, on the way to Europe and I think we mostly shopped and hung out at cafes and bars.  This time around I'd like to do a lot more sightseeing and cultural stuff like visiting Victoria Peak and the Big Buddha (again) as well as going to the Temple Street night market and Hong Kong Museum of Art.  I'd also like to visit Wan Chai and walk along Hollywood Road from Central to Sheung Wan.  If we had the kids, I'd go to Stanley and Aberdeen as well as Lantau and Lamma islands.
Celestina & me - Lantau Island
My friend Stephanie lives there and local knowledge is always such a bonus.  For instance, while we're staying in Causeway Bay (which is the shopping mecca) on Hong Kong island, she's advised us to shop during the week instead of the weekend when the local crowds converge.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong has been dubbed 'the New York of Asia' and it truly is a world class city.  I can still vividly remember flying in last time I was there - it has an amazing energy about it and the vibe (and humidity) in the air is palpable - it blew my mind.  On my list of places to go are Hullett House and Hutong.  Both are owned by the Aqua Group headed up by ex-lawyer turned entrepreneur David Teo.  I also want to visit Asian department store Shanghai Tang created by Sir David Tang.  These incredibly stylish places are great examples of 'East meets West' with a touch of old Hong Kong/Shanghai about them.  We will also pop into the Peninsula Hotel and are booked for lunch at Lung King Heen at the Four Seasons Hotel - the only restaurant in Hong Kong to be awarded three Michelin stars.  One week to go!

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