Monday, June 6, 2011

AFL rules mate

Another quiet-ish weekend if that's possible with two young children.  Auskick on Saturday for Thomas - Mr Rosanna was gleeful because Melbourne won a game on Friday night.  Sadly, Thomas is the only boy wearing a Dees jersey in his Auskick group and Will has been asking me why he can't play Auskick ("because you're only two")...
We had swimming yesterday morning and later took the boys to Rosanna park.  I was reflecting yesterday that we really do live in a great community and I wonder if I would have felt it to the same degree had we stayed in Brunswick.  I've met some lovely people at the Ivanhoe Aquatic Centre, realised I've already known half of Thomas's friends (and parents) at Auskick, often strike up conversations with families we meet at the park and always run into someone I know at the shops or in my street.

What I did do this weekend was finalise our Hong Kong itinerary.  I am starting to get excited and will reveal more next week about what our plans are.

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