Monday, May 23, 2011

Seven years lucky...

Must admit, still not feeling flash - Will's bug has been a real doozy.  Despite this, Mr Rosanna and I managed to celebrate our wedding anniversary yesterday at Heide's Cafe Vue.
It was great to go somewhere local and indulge ourselves with the Menu du Jour - two courses at $45 or three courses for $55.  We went two courses each and shared a dessert.  I had the soft shell crab for entree which was superb, followed by the Spanish mackerel rolled in bacon (pictured below) as my main.  The service is excellent - extremely professional and running a lot more smoothly than when they first opened.
We went for a brisk walk afterwards around the gardens and popped into the Heide store where Mr Rosanna spotted this plate and took a photo of it for me.  It's bit blurry so I've written it out again below.  Who said romance was dead?
Moons circle planets 
and planet circle stars
Stars and entire galaxies rotate eternally
And you and I circle each other
For you are my universe 
And I will be yours

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