Monday, May 2, 2011

Old fashioned glamour

Well I reckon this weekend was all about THE dress and a certain young English lass called Kate who married her prince.  I love an occasion and the opportunity to frock up and my conversations with friends and family all weekend were about what Kate wore (followed by the Logies last night).  I thought Kate looked beautiful in the Alexander McQueen gown that was very her - stylish, classic and understated - and I think she does 'conservative chic' extremely well (fitting for someone who has married into the Royal family!). 
Image via Wardrobe Wonderland
My other favourite outfit at the Logies was Zoe Tuckwell-Smith from the Channel 7 show 'Winners & Losers'.  It was also a more understated yet elegant dress (made of upcycled fabric) and I love that she is an ambassador for eco-fashion.  The dress by Georgia McCorkhill is part of the Red Carpet Project.

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