Friday, May 20, 2011

Local profile - Zanni Waldstein

There's less than six degrees of separation between most people in Melbourne.  Zanni and I are no exception - we've never met yet both of us know my good friend Mel - me through school and Zanni through family.  Weird huh?  I love a values driven person and I think mental health is one of the burning issues of our time.  Read on for more about Zanni.
Zanni and her little boy Jasper
Name: Zanni Waldstein
Occupation: Market Coordinator - Sprout Community Market
How long you have worked there: Two and a half years (including 8 months off after having a baby!).

Describe what you do:
Sprout Community Gardens exist to support people recovering from mental health issues and at risk of homelessness through programs we run on site.  These include gardening, harvesting and cooking (and the all important sitting down and eating together!), creative workshops and activities and being part of the market.

I organise the monthly Sprout Market which is a general community market which gives participants (as well as volunteers and many general community stallholders) a chance to be involved in the market either as a stall holder selling their own products or as part of the Sprout team running food, plant and produce stalls and assisting with the general running of the market.  I love the market and the beautiful community atmosphere at it.  Everyone enjoys coming along, having some tasty food, a cup of chai, a natter with friends and listening to some great local music.

Best thing about working in Melbourne's north-east:
The community, diversity and vibrancy as well as people's appreciation and support of local produce and initiatives.

For more information:
Zanni Waldstein
Ph/Fax: 03) 9484 5565
Mobile: 0424 029 180
or find Sprout Community Gardens on Facebook

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