Friday, May 27, 2011

Local profile - Margot Tasca

Margot is another career changer - a former English teacher who has pursued her passion for art and created the wonderful Light Factory Gallery in Eltham.  A former inner city dweller like me, she moved to Eltham with her family over 10 years ago and hasn't looked back.  Besides running the gallery, she has also returned to a part-time Masters degree (currently on hold) and is writing a biography.  Wow - what a busy woman!
Name: Margot Tasca       
Occupation: Gallery Director     
Lives/works: Eltham
How long have you lived/worked here?
We moved (somewhat anxiously) from Fitzroy thirteen years ago. We were nervous because it was such a lifestyle change but happy to say, we've never looked back.

Last year we opened The Light Factory Gallery with the aim of supporting and revitalising the arts identity in this region. The gallery is in an old light factory designed by environmental architect Alistair Knox. It's a gorgeous building with soaring Oregon beams and excellent natural light from the clerestory windows –it is possibly the largest commercial gallery space in Melbourne.

Describe yourself/what you do:
Exhibitions change every three to four weeks, with solo and group shows exhibiting. A sculpture garden also rotates new sculptures every two to three months. The garden links the gallery to the Tea House which is tucked away behind the gallery and is an intimate space for meeting friends. Weekly classes and workshops, conducted by established Melbourne artists, are run in the studio behind the gallery.

Best thing(s) about living/working in Melbourne's north-east:
This area is unique for its retention of natural bushland and its heritage of artists and free thinkers. Artists have been frequenting the area since the Heidelberg school in the late 1800s and from the 1950s you had people who thought differently to the mainstream coming out and building mud brick houses, using recycled materials and planting native gardens when most Australian cities were celebrating brick veneer and laminate and 'nice lawns and flowerbeds'.  It's changed a bit, roads have been sealed, subdivisions have taken place but essentially, the spirit of thinking outside the box and valuing the natural environment remains.

For more information:
21 Brougham Street Eltham VIC 3095
Wednesdays to Sundays 11.00 am - 4.30 pm.

Nb. Miss Rosanna is The Light Factory Gallery's freelance PR consultant.

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  1. Margo is making history! She should be congratulated for celebrating the work of so many local talented artists. I always look forward to my visits to the gallery and relish every experience I have there. Thank you, Margot!