Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm antique

I went to my son Thomas's Mother's Day kinder function today and was given a bookmark from him where he had to nominate my age which was 'old'. was better than another mum who got '100' from her daughter.  I had a little chuckle.
We've got a busy Mother's Day weekend, Thomas is starting Auskick (which actually began last month) for all 5 year old boys and girls - I reckon it's a bargain at $60 compared to swimming and gym classes.  We're also off to yum cha on Mother's Day at Golden Dragon Palace in Doncaster.

When I now think of old things, I think of antiques - beautiful, handcrafted pieces that have transcended time to still be relevant in the modern day.  If I didn't have kids in tow, I'd love to go to the inaugural Australian Antique & Art Dealers Association Melbourne Show at the Exhibition Buildings in Carlton this weekend.  So maybe it's not so bad being old.

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