Monday, May 30, 2011

Green is good

It's World Environment Day this Sunday.  I've never taken for granted how green it is around here especially after living almost half my life in the inner city.  The boys and I spent a glorious afternoon in the sun at Warringal Park today.  I actually take Vitamin D over the winter as a lot of people have low levels of it once the sun disappears.  I've also discovered the Healthy Parks Healthy People Central website - it makes for interesting reading on the health benefits of human contact with the natural world.

I'm often surprised by how much wildlife exists in the 'burbs.  I've been woken by noisy cockatoos feeding on our nature strip in the mornings and kept awake at night by the possums who use our roof and elm tree as their local playground over the past few weeks.  The other night, Mr Rosanna and I actually spotted two owls in the moonlight sitting on the power pole in front of our house.

We've also got a resident blue tongue lizard who lives on our property - I nearly stepped on him one afternoon while he was sun baking on our front porch.  We had friends over for lunch yesterday who live in Eltham and they had an echidna in their back yard not so long ago.  I can deal with an echidna - I'm not so sure how I'd feel about a snake.  Nan and Papa live near the river and had a tiger snake in their front yard a couple of years ago at the height of the drought.  Speaking of which, there is a fantastic reptile shop called Totally Reptiles on St James Road in Rosanna if you have children like mine who are obsessed with snakes at the moment.

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