Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keeping them amused

It's school holiday time and I've lost track of all the playdates I've made.  Have also been baking like a demon (just call me Suzie Homemaker).  There are lots of activities on for children depending on what they're into and what you can afford to do.  While I'm a big believer in the simple things like catching up with other children in your neighbourhood and spending time outdoors, there's also lots to do in your local community.

Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen has a number of activities for kids and families over the school holidays including artist-led workshops linked to Heide's exhibitions, history and gardens.  The Yarra Plenty Regional Library also has a number of kids events leading up to Easter.  Your local fitness/leisure centre is also a good place to check out as they usually run school holiday programs and activities.  Both YMCA Macleod and the Ivanhoe Aquatic & Fitness Centre are doing this.

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