Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Such a perfect day

I thought most of Melbourne had left town this Labour Day weekend.  I was wrong. Everyone was at Moomba!  The boys and I braved the crowds yesterday and it was a perfect day in Melbourne.  Blue skies, a gentle breeze, the noise of the parade and buskers in the street and people everywhere.

The famous Spiegeltent
We sought refuge on the Arts Centre lawn where we had a picnic lunch in the sun.  I also got the chance to take some pics of the Spiegeltent (above) and W class tram-cum-bar (below) that have been temporarily set up near the Arts Centre.

Iconic W class Tram-cum-bar
We walked back to Flinders Street station via Southbank which looked magnificent yesterday...

...and I was envious of all the people drinking at the new bars located right on the river.

Ponyfish Island bar
 And then the boys and I headed back to Rosanna on the train.

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