Friday, March 4, 2011


Gabriella & me - Rome '99
Ah Italy...and moving onto Italian food.  It's long been a favourite and I've been lucky enough to dine at some of Melbourne's top Italian restaurants and cafes over the years including Caffe e Cucina, Il Bacaro, Cafe Di Stasio and Grossi Florentino as well as more casual places like I Carusi and Ladro.

While Mr Rosanna and I spend more of our time these days at family pizza restaurants like Pasquale M and Pizzeria Amici, there are also some nice Italian restaurants around here including Va Tutto (the bistro is more afforable than the restaurant) and Condotti's in Ivanhoe.  I've also heard good things about Pizza Espresso in Templestowe.  Further afield, there is also Svago (owned by ex-Caffe e Cucina staff) in Kew which is more upmarket than everyday and prices reflect that.

The Eating in Banyule guide for 2011/12 has just come out so click here to download a copy or have one sent to you.

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