Monday, March 28, 2011

Festival follies

ArtyFarty Fest Grand Parade
We had a fabulous time at the Banyule Festival yesterday.  It was a mad dash getting Thomas to the ArtyFarty Parade down Burgundy Street but well worth the effort as his kinder Winston Hills Pre-school in Viewbank won best theme!  Every child had decorated their own frame and each was a walking, talking, living, breathing 'work of art'.
My work of art Thomas
After the parade was over, we moved onto the ArtyFarty Fest.  Yet another weekend spent eating sausages in bread...I had a great time listening to some of the live music at the Bendy Stage and watching an assortment of entertainers make their entrance.
Look!  Is that a preying mantis I see before me?
The boys then had a quick turn down the giant slide and jumping castle followed up with some ice cream before we called it a day and headed home.
Some likely looking lasses

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