Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A taste of harmony...

Autumn really is the Festival season in Melbourne with the L'Oreal Fashion Festival, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Moomba, Australian Grand Prix and Comedy Festival.

It's also the case closer to home.  It is Cultural Diversity week and to celebrate Harmony Day yesterday the Bell Street Mall is putting on A Taste of Harmony lunch this Friday from 11am - 1pm where you can sample free international foods.  West Heidelberg is one of the most culturally diverse suburbs in the north east, with many of its more recent residents of African background.

My own cultural background is Chinese and Mr Rosanna's heritage is Scottish and Irish.  My two best friends come from Greek and Italian backgrounds.  I love that Melbourne has become a real melting pot and in the end it doesn't matter as we are all Australians.

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