Thursday, February 17, 2011

Om shanti

I've practised Iyengar yoga for as long as I've worked and it is one of my great passions in life.  While I run as well, I know I'll still be practising yoga well into my old age - it has become a way of life.

While I go to Clifton Hill Yoga Studio, there are a number of other centres around that offer Iyengar yoga (based on the teachings of Mr BKS Iyengar who is now in his 90s) including Luna Studio in Fairfield, Yoga Jivana in Northcote and Greensborough Yoga.  I'm sure there are many other centres and gyms around that also offer yoga courses.

Yoga's benefits are many as it works at both a physical and mental level and builds strength and flexibility.  While I'm not particularly religious, I think there's also a spiritual element to it as well.  At times when I've led a particularly fraught and stressful lifestyle, yoga has been my saviour.

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