Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's Play

It's been a cool summer but I haven't minded it that much - with kids it's actually been a better temperature for playing outdoors.  I've mentioned the sheltered Eltham North Adventure Playground before.  Apparently Beckett Park in Parring Road, Balwyn is also a goodie as it's set on a hill and protected by old cypress trees.

My boys' two favourite parks are Hay's Paddock in Kew (photo above shot at Hay's Paddock by Siobhan Wolff) and Wombat Bend in Templestowe.  Both cater for disabled children and are fenced off.  If you plan on going to either, go in the morning before the crowds converge - they are both extremely popular.  I haven't been to Ruffey Lake park in Doncaster but friends and family have given it the thumbs up.

Closer to home is Rosanna Parklands which has two play grounds (plus the giant slide from the 70s!) but are not shaded.  Warringal Park playground on a winter's morning is bathed in sunshine and there are plans afoot for a 'signature' park.  The Greeks and Italians love having a picnic under the trees in the summer and the Banyule Festival is also held at the park.  Finally, Macleod playground is great for little kids and with the shops across the road makes a good venue for outdoor playdates.

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