Monday, February 21, 2011

Out and about

The Manningham Healthy Lifestyle Week starts on 26th February.  The week aims to provide the community with activities or workshops that promote active and healthy lifestyles, mental wellbeing and initiatives that promote safety. 

Mr Rosanna and I are desperately trying to regain some fitness.  Whether you study, work or have a young family like us, it's not always easy fitting exercise in.  You can often see our family at Rosanna Parklands where Mr Rosanna and I take turns running laps while one of us looks after our boys in the playground. 

There was a great feature article on living in leafy Rosanna by Lou Sweeney in yesterday's Age Domain.  Indeed one of the reasons we chose to move to Rosanna was because of the abundance of parkland and the plethora of bike paths and running tracks.    There are a number of cycling groups in Banyule, Darebin, Manningham and Boroondara.  I am determined to get back on my bike again before the year is out!  I'll talk about fitness centres in my next post.

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