Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coffee is my BFF

OK.  I will admit it.  I am fussy about my coffee and my cafes.  I think it comes from having Italian friends, living in the inner north for many years and having travelled to Italy.  All of which has given me a decidedly European sensibility despite being Asian (and supposedly lactose intolerant).  Coffee was my best friend before I had kids and man, it's still definitely the case now (I was never a morning person).

So moving to suburbia has seen me on a coffee quest these past few years to find a place that does good coffee as well as has more of an urban feel to it.  Before Miss Marie opened in Rosanna, I would often drive as far as Alphington to APTE cafe for a coffee or brunch with my girlfriends.

The middle ring suburbs are slowly changing as a new demographic moves in.   A couple of other places I'd recommend are the Were St food store in Montmorency and Lip cafe in Waterdale Road Ivanhoe North.  For a true Italian coffee experience, Caffe Romeo in Greythorn Village North Balwyn is pretty authentic.  I haven't been to Boundary Espresso in Preston but it also looks pretty hip and happening and apparently is a great pit stop for the cycling fraternity.

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