Monday, February 7, 2011

Choo Choo!

My boys are more than a little bit obsessed with trains.  To be honest, so are Mr Rosanna and I - I think there's something quite old fashioned and romantic about catching them.  We've been on a number of different steam trains around the place but our favourite for sheer value and convenience is the Eltham miniature railway held on Sundays.  The train also runs on Wednesdays during school holidays but always check the website for further info.

Tickets are around $3 for a 5 minute ride and well worth the money.  There's also a playground, BBQ and picnic facilities as well as pony rides.  You can even hire your own private picnic site and steam train for special events.

There's also a lesser known miniature railway in Box Hill.  I've not been but have also heard good things about it.  All aboard!

Tip: If planning a repeat visit, buy extra tickets and avoid queueing next time.

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